ITS Lab Presentations at the 97th TRB Annual Meeting

December 10, 2017

Please join us at the 97th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB 2018), in January 7-11 in Washington DC. If you would like to meet on site, contact us to schedule an appointment or visit us in one of our presentations:

  1. #18-06186: Implementation and Policy Applications of AMoD in multi-modal activity-driven agent-based urban simulator SimMobility. Presenter: Rounaq(L)/Andrea(P), Wed, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 786 (Project: Tripod/L2NIC Amod)
  2. #18-03141: An Integration of Population Synthesis Methods for Agent-Based Microsimulation. Presenter: Nick(P - UMAss), Wed, 2:30 pm- 4:00pm, Hall E, 864 (Project: Tripod)
  3. #18-06681: Global urban typology discovery with confirmatory latent class choice model. Presenter: Yafei(P), Wed, 8:00am-9:45pm Hall E,771 (Project:MITEI)
  4. #18-06769: Tripod: Sustainable Travel Incentives with Prediction, Optimization and Personalization. Presenter: Carlos(P), Wed, 10:15am-12pm, Hall E, 829 (Project: Tripod)
  5. #18-06357: Modelling Framework and Implementation of Activity- and Agent-Based Simulation: An Application to the Greater Boston Area. Presenter: Isabel(P), Wed, 10:15am-12pm, Hall E, 829 (Project: Tripod)
  6. #18-05930: Urban Freight Distribution considering Logistics Chain Structure: Selection of Supplier with Distribution. Presenter: Takanori(P), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 254, (Project: L2NIC Freight)
  7. #18-00512: Combining GPS Data Collection with Assisted Machine Learning to Enhance Freight Vehicle and Driver Surveys: Methodology and Demonstration (Project: FHWA Freight)
  8. #18-03813: Inferring Urban Truck Driver Activity Patterns. Presenter: Lynette (P) Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 254, (Project: L2NIC Freight)
  9. #18-05952: Enriching Activity Based Models Using Smartphone-Based Travel Surveys. Presenter: Bat-hen (P), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 241 (Project: FMS)
  10. #18-04982: Improving scalability of generic online calibration for real-time Dynamic Traffic Assignment systems. Presenter: Arun(L;P), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm/Wed, 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm, 156/ Hall E, 864 (Project: DynaMIT)
  11. #18-04230: Alternative Activity Pattern Generation for Stated Preference Surveys. Presenter: He (P), Wed, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 772, (Project: FMS)
  12. #18-05863: Calibration and Optimization for Adaptive Toll Pricing Bilge/Yundi (P) Tue, 10:15am-12pm, Hall E, 571, (Project: CINTRA, DynaMIT)
  13. #18-05753: Personalized Menu Optimization with Preference Updater: A Boston Case Study. Presenter: Xiang (P), Wed, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 784 (Project: Tripod)
  14. #18-06678: Predictive Distance-based Toll Optimization Under Elastic Demand for Real-Time Traffic Management. Presenter: Hossein(L), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, 151B (Project: DynaMIT)
  15. #18-02626: Intercity Truck Driver Route Choice Incorporating Drivers' Heterogeneity in Toll Road Usage: Data collection, Model, Estimation and Model application, Presenter: Peiyu (P), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 256 (Project: Freight)
  16. #18-06400: Routing and Scheduling Problem of Container Trucks with Selective Empty Container Pickup in a Shared Resource Environment. Presenter: Kyungsoo(P), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E (Project: Freight)
  17. #18-01910: Testing the ‘Freight Landscape’ Concept for Paris. Presenter: Takanori(L), Tue, 1:30 PM 145 B, CC (Project: Freight)
  18. #18-00924: Spatial Characteristics and Efficiency of Logistics Facilities. Presenter: Takanori(P), Mon, 8:00am-9:45pm, Hall E, 255 (Project: Freight)