Carlos Azevedo

Carlos Azevedo
Research Scientist




Tripod, SimMobility, Freight, Mobility of the Future


Dr. Carlos Lima Azevedo is a Research Scientist at the ITSLab and the Executive Director of the Transportation Education Committee since February 2014. Before joining MIT, he was a Senior PostDoctoral Associate at SMART (Singapore) and a research scholar at LNEC (Portugal). His main research interests are the mathematical modeling and simulation of human mobility, smart mobility services, the development and assessment of new technologies in transportation systems and the statistical and data analysis of safety. The integrated simulation of travel behaviour and system performance in the presence of new smart mobility solultions is one of his active field of research.

Carlos is the project manager for our projects:

Carlos was also the instructor for the Transportation core course 1.201 - Transportation Systems Analysis: Demand and Economics (Fall 2016) and the co-instructor for 1.074 - Multivariate Data Analysis (Spring 2016, Spring 2017) at MIT.